Thousands of NJ Home Owners Trust Dave Adams Roofing & Siding to Repair Their Roofs

An important part of having a home is keeping the exterior in top shape in terms of style and performance. This involves repairing your roof system now and then. The most common roofing problems happen after a heavy storm and winds. Weather along the Jersey Shore can be unpredictable, especially during hurricane season. Fortunately, our Dave Adams Roofing & Siding experts are here to help.

Since we opened our doors in 1987, our roofing repair contractors have patched holes, fixed leaks, restored water-damaged surfaces, and more. We have worked with homes of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, we have earned the trust of thousands of customers in New Jersey. We’re excited for you to be a part of this journey and receive an exceptional roofing experience.

We are fully licensed and insured in New Jersey. We offer roof inspections and can quickly remedy damage found in an affordable manner. We’re proud to be an Owens Corning™ Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor, which means we’re in the top tier of the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor network. Since 1987, we have been committed to protecting the residential homes and families in the Southern NJ area. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free estimate!




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We Will Repair Your Roof & Guarantee Our Work

Dave Adams Roofing & Siding has worked on New Jersey residential homes for the past 35 years. You can count on us to provide the best solution for your roof repair needs. Our expert roofing contractors go through extensive training to ensure  your property is in good hands no matter what. In addition, our roofing contractors can handle a wide range of repair projects, including:

  • Roof Leaks – If you’re looking for roof leak repair services, you’re in the right place. Dave Adams Roofing & Siding will inspect your roof system, address all the problem areas, and have everything repaired in an efficient manner to avoid further water damage. 
  • Roof Damage – Storms can cause a wide variety of roof damages include pits and holes, missing shingles, granule loss, and chimney issues. As your local roofing contractor, we have experience with everything the Jersey Shore wants to throw at your home
  • Weathered Shingles – Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can cause your shingles to expand and contract. These movements can lead to cracks or blisters that expose underlying layers. Moisture can build up in these cracks and cause profound damage to your roof if left untreated. Our skilled contractors will fix and prevent further damage to your home.
  • Complete Restoration – Some roof restoration projects involve entirely replacing your roof system. If that’s the case, we will be there with customized options to fully restore or upgrade your roof.